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Design Facilitation

Do you have a favorite architectural style? How well are you able to visualize from plans? How involved do you want to be in design decisions? How often do you like to meet? Do you like to work with a team, or with an individual? Would a three-dimensional model be helpful?


We ask these types of questions to determine what is most important to you and what expectations you have before recommending an architectural firm or designer. If you already have one in mind we’ll let you know if we’ve worked with them before and if not we’ll be happy to evaluate them for you.


DGC has extensive experience working with Architects and professional designers. Many of them find our services helpful in evaluating the client’s preferences so we created Planning Guides for our clients. Having this information at the onset saves not only the architect valuable time in discerning the project objectives but also saves the client money. Though the Planning Guides are optional we encourage all of our clients to utilize them because it helps them to focus on their project and the goals they’d like to achieve prior to meeting with our design professionals. Of course all this is discussed in detail at your complimentary project consultation.


Contact us today to learn how our Design Facilitation can help get your project started right.

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